Uncanny Sense of Smell

At RedRover, we sniff out facts and market trends. We utilize proven research practices to identify missed opportunities, gaps in the market, and how you stack up against your competitors. Then we use that data to identify sound growth strategies that can lead your company to greater success.

Keen Hearing

We listen to your customers, prospects, employees, and competition. And, we have exceptionally keen hearing. They all have important things to say about you, and it's often not what you expect. After all, it's tough to know where to take your company next without a clear picture of where you are today.

Bark With Bite

We speak for your customers and their needs. Our research-based strategic planning techniques allow us to create marketing and advertising campaigns that engage and resonate with your target audiences. And, we look for unexpected communication avenues that really get the market talking.

Sales Burdens Shouldered

When it comes to coaching your sales team, we give it all we've got at RedRover - not only with customized sales training built around your unique selling challenges, but also by accompanying sales reps on calls and even collaborating on pitches. If it helps improve performance, it's part of our coaching plan.

Dog Tracks

We don't rely on gut feeling; we systematically track your sales and marketing results. And we predict in advance what those results should be. Then our consistent use of performance metrics helps keep everyone on track with where things are now, where we want to go, and how close we are to our predicted goals.

Tail-wagging Results

We make clients happy by getting results. We work our tails off to make that happen, because our clients' successes are our successes. That's why 75 percent of our clients are a result of referrals.

Whole Hound Approach

We fully integrate sales efforts with our marketing model using a holistic, or whole-hound, approach. Leaving your sales force less than completely aware, involved, and on board with any communication or marketing effort is beyond a missed opportunity. It would be doing the job half-way. And, that's not our style.

RedRover Is a Breed Apart

Our senses and abilities are perfectly adapted to ensure a successful and measured hunt for highly targeted customers. Hover on the buttons to the left to learn about our best of breed standards.

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