How to Destroy Workplace Trust

Company culture can make or break a sales team. Sales leaders have seen promising sales representatives start off strong, then plateau and ultimately burn out more times than they can count. Tough days of rejection in the field are challenging to overcome and are major contributors to the high attrition rate associated with sales positions. Sales representatives need a strong sense of connection and purpose to recover from those tough days and rebound with a driven, winning attitude. ... Read More
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Sales Teams Create Advocates

Now more than ever, the line between the marketing department and the sales team has been blurred. Marketing teams are connecting tech-savvy customers with the information they most want to know about your brand, essentially taking on those crucial, early phases of the client lifecycle. The client lifecycle begins when a prospect becomes aware of a need that your business could serve. Traditionally, marketing would play a role in building broader brand awareness, but uncovering each... Read More
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Sales & Marketing Disconnects

Most companies have historically used marketing to drive brand awareness and generate sales leads, relying on seasoned sales teams to close these deals by identifying the prospect’s needs, recommending strategic solutions, and creating a sense of urgency.  Now more than ever, though, marketing is increasingly involved in the sales process beyond the point of lead generation, thanks to digital strategies like search engine optimization, online advertising and targeted landing pages that... Read More
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Six Ways to Gauge If Your Business Is Built to Last

Perhaps Benjamin Franklin summarized a major business challenge best: “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” Change is constant. Today, the boldest execs on the front lines of business can easily relate to Franklin, the face of our $100 bill, and his sentiments on adaptability. The reality of running a business, or advising those who do, is that the targets always move – sometimes quickly, sometimes more subtly. Long-lasting industry titans have shown that evolving and... Read More
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Use EQ Vs. IQ to Recruit Sales Talent

Hiring sales talent is tricky, as it can be difficult to distinguish between those who are merely strong at interviewing and those who will actually be strong on the job. Why? Sales people are particularly good at reading people and delivering the desired response. The trick is to peel back the onion during an interview to ensure you are getting an unfiltered view of each candidate, which can be done by combining two techniques. The first is behavioral interviewing, which is based on the... Read More
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