Unleashed Pack Culture

Not Your Typical Agency 

Here at RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy, our company culture is Unleashed! Every day, we come to work to crash the ceilings that limit our clients' growth potential - a higher purpose than traditional agency life. Does that sound like the way you want to spend your career? Then consider joining us! Positions are now available.

Pack Member Feedback: "Fast-paced, opportunities to grow, flexible, great pay and benefits for a small company."

Our Pack Values:

    • Courageous.
    • Agents of change.
    • Incurable need for results.
    • Win -- with the team win before the self win.
    • Self-disciplined and accountable.
Pack Member Feedback: "Every day I leave with a feeling that I have actually accomplished something." 

Our Dog House 

Located in the heart of downtown Memphis, RedRover is a team of change agents eager to measurably move the needle for clients. We are courageous, laser focused and have a downright incurable need to deliver results. Sure, we're definitely competitive by nature and incredibly hard working, but it’s not all about work.  

Walk through our front doors and you’ll be greeted by our infamous mascot, Rover -- a giant mosaic statue built by a local artist.

Stop by on a Friday, and you’ll get to meet some of our own Rovers, as this is a dog-friendly workplace where creative breaks with our canine visitors are encouraged.

RedRover actively encourages team members to recharge their minds and bodies. Each employee receives a gym membership to keep them moving, and the company provides fresh fruit as part of its wellness efforts. Employees can relax in the Bark Bistro or get away from it all in the Rover Retreat. 

At the end of a week, you might find us gathered for some team building, an occasional highly competitive game of Jenga, and celebration of that week’s victories.

Pack Member Feedback: "I’ve been at RedRover for three years now. It is a super fast-paced environment that delivers top-notch work. The team is very creative and results-driven and I continue to be blown away by my colleagues."